Thank you for referring your patient to Narrogin Ultrasound.

We take pride in providing you with reliable, accurate reports from our Perth based specialised Radiologist Dr Matt Brooks.

You will receive the results of your patient’s ultrasound within 48 hours. Urgent results will be discussed with you immediately following your patient’s scan.

Urgent Appointments

At Narrogin Ultrasound our opening hours are flexible providing you with an ultrasound service that caters for the unexpected. We are happy to provide appointments outside of our regular opening hours to accommodate the needs of your patients.

Obstetric Ultrasound

At Narrogin Ultrasound we provide an advanced, subspecialist level of Obstetric Ultrasound. This includes:

  • Advanced First Trimester Screening

Narrogin Ultrasound offers screening for early onset preeclampsia to determine personalised risks for preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction and early preterm birth. Preeclampsia screening is performed at the time of the First Trimester Screen.

This test incorporates biochemistry (PAPPA, free Beta HCG and placental derived growth factor), a detailed history, four maternal blood pressures and uterine artery Dopplers into the routine First Trimester Screen. When we combine this additional information with the biomarkers and uterine artery pulsatility index we have a 93% sensitivity to diagnose early onset preeclampsia prior to 34 weeks gestation.

Preeclampsia screening requires an additional biochemistry (placental derived growth factor) which does incur an extra cost (approximately $50) to the patient.

Narrogin Ultrasound is accredited with RANZCOG (The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) to perform preeclampsia screening.

  •  Cervical Length Surveillance

 Narrogin Ultrasound offers cervical length screening for patients at increased risk of cervical insufficiency.

Patients at increased risk of cervical insufficiency include those with:

  • History of cervical insufficiency
  • Previous preterm birth of unknown cause
  • Previous cervical surgery (eg LLETZ)
  • Previous multiple D&C procedures
  • Multiple pregnancy
  •  Multiple Pregnancy

All multiple gestations are associated with several risk factors.

 We have a special interest in multiple pregnancy and complications specific to multiple gestations including Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome and Selective IUGR.


Narrogin Ultrasound is a private billing practice which ensures we can provide an exceptional level of service.